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Gypsum Association: 614: GA (ISO’s) General Assembly: 615: GAA: Gravure Association of America: 616: GAMA: Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association … Return Doc
Division 09 Section: Gypsum Board Assemblies. 1.02 References. Specifier Note: Article below may be omitted when specifying manufacturer’s Standards listed are identified by issuing authority, authority abbreviation, designation number, title or other designation established by issuing … Fetch Full Source

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SLT is an abbreviation for South Lebanon Township or contactors employed by SLT. Deletion & Clarification to Section 09250 – Gypsum Board: a. For Part 2 Products, Item 2.1 Manufacturers – Gypsum Board, A., delete “3. … Return Doc

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Common naturally-occurring sulfur compounds include the sulfide minerals, such as pyrite (iron sulfide), cinnabar (mercury sulfide), galena (lead sulfide), sphalerite (zinc sulfide) and stibnite (antimony sulfide); and the sulfates, such as gypsum (calcium sulfate), alunite (potassium aluminium sulfate … Read Article

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GWB is a three-letter abbreviation that may refer to: George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States Gypsum wall board, a common artificial drywall used to finish construction of interior walls and ceilings … Read Article

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Whatever your interest is in geology, here's where to start learning about it. … Read Article

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gypsum : natural calcium sulfate : hard oil : boiled linseed oil : heavy spar : barium sulfate : hydrocyanic acid : hydrogen cynanide : hypo (photography) sodium thiosulfate solution … Read Article

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Major-ion concentrations [concentrations in milligrams per liter; <, less than] Site number Site Site name abbreviation Cations Calcium Magnesium Sodium Potassium IN KILOGRAMS PER DAY DISSOLVED INORGANIC NITROGEN LOAD, IN KILOGRAMS PER DAY SITE NAME AND NUMBER Minturn 1 Avon 2 Edwards 3 Wolcott 4 Gypsum 5 September 1997 February … Fetch Full Source

FIRE/LIFE/SAFETY (FLS) installation of materials approved for one-hour fire-resistive construction, 5/8" Type 'X' gypsum wallboard, on the garage side of the wall. … Return Document

GF cement is characterized by absence of diffraction lines of monosulphate (C 4 AH 12) and ettringite (C 6 A 3 H 32) as a logical consequence of the replacement of gypsum in the cement (figure 1). The intensities of diffraction lines of Ca(OH) 2 (abbreviation CH in figure 1) in hydrated GF cement are substantially … View Full Source

Absence of an asterisk indicates abbreviation complies with uds module 5. plywood-small scale plywood-large scale glass structural glass block batt insulation rigid insulation acoustical tile ceiling carpet and pad gypsum wall … Visit Document

Room Data Sheets
General Abbreviations: AFF Above Finished Floor BSC Biological Safety cabinet Architectural Abbreviations: ACT Lay-in acoustical ceiling tile ACT-2Lay-in acoustical tile with mylar protective finish AFF Above finished floor CMU Concrete masonry unit CPT Carpet CT Ceramic tile ET Epoxy terrazo GW Gypsum wallboard (with … Get Document

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Didjeridoo I built using tubular steel or fiberglass or gypsum alabaster and many types of wood. BTW is abbreviation for "by the way". I've played didjeridus made from bamboo cane, I've also played card tubes and plastic pipes like didjeridus, metal … View Video

GYPSUM BOARD ASSEMBLIES . Specifier Notes: This section covers Pliteq, Inc. “GenieClip” installed with “GenieClip ACS” acoustical sealant and Standards listed are identified by issuing authority, authority abbreviation, … Read Document

Abbreviations For Names Of Rock-forming Minerals*
(3) Most abbreviations consist of 2 or 3 letters, but a 4-letter abbreviation is used when the addition of F for ferro- or M for magnesio- resulted in gypsum G Hl halite G Hrm harmotome A Hst hastingsite Rd Hsm hausmannite G Hyn haüyne G Hzl heazlewoodite G Hd hedenbergite A Hem hematite A Hc hercynite G Hul heulandite A Hbn … Fetch Doc

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STC generally applies to the assembly that composes the wall, including framing, insulation, sheet products (gypsum wallboard for example) and a surface material (such as vinyl wallcovering) which limits the amount of sound that travels through the wall assembly into an adjacent space. … Read Article

Agreement 28: Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
XXX Lime, Gypsum and Gypsum Product Manufacturing XXXX Lime Manufacturing XXXX Gypsum and Gypsum Product Manufacturing XXX Miscellaneous Nonmetallic The abbreviation NEC is used for Not Elsewhere Classified. 1997 NAICS & U.S. description Code Code 1987 SIC description Status SIC 1987 XX Nonmetallic Mineral … Retrieve Document

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USE ONLY IF TECHNICAL SECTIONS DO NOT DEFINE EACH ABBREVIATION. SECTION 01XXX GA Gypsum Association. GFI Ground Fault Interrupter. HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air … Fetch Full Source

Bearing steel studs 3.625" x 20 ga. (0.033") x 1.625" flange, fiberglass batt insulation 6", RSIC-1, drywall furring channels 7/8" x 25 ga., gypsum 0.14 1 200 45 0.48 3 1600 61 0.14 1 250 48 0.47 3 2000 61 0.10 1 315 51 0.31 3 2500 62 0.08 400 54 0.26 3 3150 64 0.08 500 55 0.30 3 4000 66 0.13 630 58 0.24 1 5000 67 0.31 STC=58 ABBREVIATION INDEX … Fetch Doc

Gypsum Drywall: Section 09250. 3. Joint Sealants: Section 07920. 1.02 REFERENCES issuing authority, authority abbreviation, designation number, title, or other designation … Fetch Doc

Publication 124 March 2006
Gypsum – Common mineral, hydrated calcium sulphate, white in color, soft, and easily crumbled. Gypsum board (also called drywall) – Prefabricated … Read More