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Imperial® Brand Gypsum Base, (Firecode® And Firecode® C …
Installation I MPERIAL Brand Gypsum Base may be installed either perpendicular (preferred) or parallel to the framing. All ends and edges should be placed over framing members except where edge joints are perpendicular to framing. … Content Retrieval

Attach The Drywall – Garages And Storage Spaces
Attach fasteners every 8 inches along the untapered edges, but keep them at least 3/8 inch from the edge to avoid damaging the gypsum core. When using nails, plan to “double nail” (i.e., drive a second nail 2 inches from the first at each fastener location) along the face of the drywall. … Read Article

Submittal 06115 Exterior Gypsum Sheathing
The design professional has the ultimate responsibility for location of control joints. 2′ wide (610mm) Exterior Gypsum Sheathing: Apply 2′ wide sheathing horizontally, face side out, with grooved edges … Retrieve Doc

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Gypsum Drywall
Do not bridge building expansion joints with gypsum sheathing; cut and space edges to match spacing of structural support elements. … Get Content Here

Installation Guide Gypsum Wallboard Panels CertainTeed
When installing gypsum board, install the upper board first, ensuring that you push the board firmly against the ceiling and that tapered edges are in contact. … Fetch Full Source

Correction 2: Cut a square-shaped or triangular section around damaged area, with a utility knife or keyhole saw; use a rasp or sanding block to slope edges inward at 45°. Cut corresponding plug from sound gypsum panel, sand edges to exact fit. … View This Document

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092900 Flwb – gypsum Board
Supports or gypsum board back-blocking is provided behind end joints. Do not place tapered edges against cut edges or ends. Stagger vertical joints on opposite sides of partitions. … View Full Source

Abrasive Minerals – About Geology – The Complete Guide To …
It's no harder than quartz but it's tougher, so its sharp edges last longer. Garnet paper is still widely available. The garnet mineral almandine is harder than quartz (Mohs 7.5), but its real virtue is sharpness, giving it cutting power without scratching wood too deeply. … Read Article

Tileboard – Renovate With Tileboard – Home Renovation – Home …
Essentially, it glues down over a flat surface and the edges are sealed with silicone caulk or edging materials: Condition the tileboard in the room where you intend to install them for 48 hours. Ensure that you have solid, nearly flat gypsum drywall walls. … Read Article

Halite – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Salt domes contain anhydrite, gypsum, and native sulfur, in addition to halite and sylvite. Halite crystals termed hopper crystals appear to be "skeletons" of the typical cubes, with the edges present and stairstep depressions on, or rather … Read Article

Do not attach boards directly to tracks. 3.03 ADHERING GYPSUM BOARD TO MASONRY A. Apply 1-1/2-inch diameter by 1-inch high daubs of adhesive at 6 inch on center along edges and at 12 inch on center each way on field of gypsum board. … Retrieve Content

Sheetrock® Brand Abuse-Resistant Gypsum Panels, Submittal …
Long edges of panels are tapered, allowing joints to be reinforced and concealed with a U.S. Gypsum joint treatment system. 1/29 SHEETROCK Brand Abuse-Resistant Gypsum Panels—recommended for residential construction as an upgrade to standard drywall. 5/89 SHEETROCK Brand F IRECODE ™ Abuse-Resistant … Visit Document

Knauf Regular Gypsum Board (RG) Knauf Regular Gypsum Boards (RG) are gypsum wallboards whose front and back surfaces, and long edges, are sandwiched in a board liner. … Retrieve Document

Ceiling Type: Manufactured to have more sag resistance than regular-type gypsum board. 1. Thickness: 1/2 inch. 2. Long Edges: Tapered. D. … View This Document

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Recommended Specification: Levels Of Gypsum Board Finish
Accessories: Metal or plastic beads, trim, or moulding used to protect or conceal corners, edges, or abutments of the gypsum board construction. Critical Lighting: Strong sidelighting from windows or surface-mounted light fixtures. syn severe lighting. … Read Here

Do It Yourself Airconditioning Part 1 Of 3 – YouTube
You should really wear a dust mask or respirator when cutting through drywall. Gypsum dust is not friendly to the lungs. Supposed to use metal tape around those registers and not duct tape or air will leak around the edges after a year or so when the Water … View Video

Locate edge and end joints over supports, except in ceiling applications where intermediate supports or gypsum board back-blocking is provided behind end joints. Do not place tapered edges against cut edges or ends. … Doc Viewer

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Provide 1/4- to 1/2-inch- wide spaces at these locations, and trim edges with U-bead edge trim where edges of gypsum panels are exposed. Seal joints between edges and abutting structural surfaces with acoustical sealant. … View Full Source

DS-200-01 Gypframe Safety Data Sheet
Gypframe metal products Safety data sheet 1 Data Sheet – DS-200-01 Health & Safety 1. There is a risk of cuts and abrasions from sharp edges and ends when handling metal sections and in use where they have been fitted to floors or walls … Retrieve Doc

Finish all gypsum board in accordance with ASTM C 840 Level 4. D. Tape, fill, and sand exposed joints, edges, and corners to produce smooth surface ready to receive finishes. … Doc Retrieval

Gypsum Sheathing Products
Select from S HEETROCK ® brand This product consists of a fire-resistant, "treated gypsum core"encased in water-repellent paper on both sides Three Gypsum Sheathing and long edges. … Doc Retrieval