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Products of the oxidation among others are gypsum, jarosite, goethite, hematite, and lepidocrocite. Using hyperspectral or multispectral remote sensing methods, anomalies of these secondary mineral phases can be plotted (VIJDEA et al. , 2004). … Fetch Full Source

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However, this could also result in increased solubilization of sparingly soluble salts such as gypsum and jarosite, and an increase in the release of acid and ions to solution. … Get Doc

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Metals Examples Of Potential Environmental Geologic Factors …
In the form of highly soluble minerals: Cu, Co, Ni OUTOKUMPUChalcopyrite, Cobalt and Ni sulfides Chlorite replaced by anthophillite and cordierite with goethite, amorphous silica, jarosite….. e.g. Fe and base metals sulfates and (Finland) higher metamorphism (Finland) oxyhydroxides + gypsum. … Get Content Here

Water In The Martian Bedrock – About Geology – The Complete …
The specific minerals found—jarosite and kieserite—are not what we typically find on Earth. The first is an iron sulfate, the second a magnesium compound, whereas Earth's most common sulfates are gypsum and anhydrite, which are calcium compounds. … Read Article

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Copahue Volcano:A Modern Terrestrial Analog For The …
Copahue Volcano in Argentina has a volcanic spring-fed acid river with deposits of red hematite in the streambed (Figure 1),and abundant gypsum mineralization, and these fluids are saturated with K-jarosite. … Document Retrieval

Modelling Thermal Energy Storage In Closed Loop Systems …
11 Aurora well-5-4-3-2-1 0 1 2 3 4 5 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Temperature o C Saturation Index CaSO4 [Anhydrite] CaCO3 [Aragonite] CaCO3 [Calcite] CaMg(CO3)2 (d) [Dolomite] CaMg(CO3)2 [Dolomite] FeOOH [Goethite] Fe(OH)2.7Cl.3 Fe(OH)3(a) CaSO4 : 2H2O [Gypsum] (H3O)Fe3(SO4)2 (OH)6 [Jarosite-H] (K0.77Na0.03H0.2)Fe3 … View Doc

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I 1 L ACTA GEOLOGICAHISPANICA, V. 30 (1995), N", P. 91-100 …
The data obtained indicate the presence of minor amounts of kaolini- te, goethite, hematites, calcite, gypsum and jarosite. Pynte was identi- fied as the principal base metal-containing mineral. … Return Document

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The sequential extraction procedure was used to estimate melanterite, epsomite, gypsum and jarosite concentrations in a synthetic waste samples as specified in Table 1. … Fetch Doc

矿物列表 – 维基百科,自由的百科全书 石膏 (Gypsum) – CaSO 4 ·2(H 2 O) 29.6.7 膽礬族 (三斜晶系的:P1¯) 黃鉀鐵礬 (Jarosite) – KFe 3 (SO 4) 2 (OH) 6; 31.2 使成水化合物了硫酸盐包含氢氧根或卤素其中(+B++)6(XO4)Zq·x(H2O) … Read Article

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CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Trade Name Jarosite Residue Calcium (Sulfate dihydrate, gypsum) : ACGIH TLV-TWA : Total dust containing no asbestos and < 1% crystalline silica. … Retrieve Content

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Consequently, spectral feature fit processing of the HyMap™ imagery over Herrmanns Catchment using the absorption features characteristic to the gypsum and jarosite identified by Fitzpatrick et al . … Doc Retrieval

礦物列表 – 維基百科,自由的百科全書 石膏 (Gypsum) – CaSO 4 ·2(H 2 O) 29.6.7 膽礬族 (三斜晶系的:P1¯) 黃鉀鐵礬 (Jarosite) – KFe 3 (SO 4) 2 (OH) 6; 31.2 使成水化合物了硫酸鹽包含氫氧根或鹵素其中(+B++)6(XO4)Zq·x(H2O) … Read Article

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Letters To Nature
The MarsExploration Rover Opportunity identified the ferric sulphate mineral jarosite and possible relicts of gypsum at the Meridiani Planum landing site 1. … Read Document

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Adularia-sericite Type Wallrock Alteration At The María …
The data obtained indicate the presence of minor amounts of kaolinite, goethite, hematites, calcite, gypsum and jarosite. Pynte was identified as the principal base metal-containing mineral. … Return Document

The Visible And Infrared Spectral Properties Of jarosite And …
Preliminary Mars Express – OMEGA data have shown the presence of kieserite and gypsum (Bibring et al. 2005; Gendrin et al. 2005). Jarosite has been identiÞ ed as one of the sulfate minerals in the outcrop of Eagle Crater, Meridiani, using Mössbauer spectroscopy (Klingelhöfer et al. 2004; Squyres et … Retrieve Doc

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OFR 523: Appendix 9 Descriptions Of Selected Samples
There is approximately 10% cement that consists of jarosite, illite, and gypsum. Gypsum is found as primarily rounded milky grains with some euhedral clear crystals. … Retrieve Full Source

Jarosite Characteristics And Itsutilisation Potentials
Various remedial mea-sureshavealso been proposed to recycle these wastes as construction material, catalysts, pigments, gypsum and refractories ( Asokan, 2003; Sanjeevet al., 1999 ). 1.1. Jarosite production in India In India, Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) hasa multi-unit mining and smelting organization … Fetch Here

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Hydrocarbon-Induced Alteration Of Soils And Sediments
He also described another of the common alteration products found in Persia known as Gach-i-turush, an association of seepage petroleum, gypsum, jarosite, and sulfur caused by the interaction of petroleum with evaporites (Thompson, 1933). … Return Doc
Hra Plagioclase Kieserite Gypsum Jarosite Halite Anomalous M-F-Chondrite CHANOM Differentiated M-Howardite Differentiated M-Eucrite Grass Brown Sun Baked Mud … Return Document

矿物列表 – 维基百科,自由的百科全书 石膏 (Gypsum) – CaSO 4 ·2(H 2 O) 29.6.7 胆矾族 (三斜晶系的:P1¯) 黄钾铁矾 (Jarosite) – KFe 3 (SO 4) 2 (OH) 6; 31.2 使成水化合物了硫酸盐包含氢氧根或卤素其中(+B++)6(XO4)Zq·x(H2O) … Read Article

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Integrated Analyses Of Mineral Zoning And Surface …
The sulfur and oxygen stable isotope data indicate that the aqueous sulfate for the gypsum at BRCM is a mixture derived from the dissolution of primary hypogene gypsum as well as alunite and from the oxidation of pyrite. Sediments bearing abundant jarosite and gypsum are actively being deposited in … Fetch Here

Soil Taxonomy Proposals
List of potentially affected series —– See file: “Series_with_gypsum.xls” Anhydritic Mineralogy, Anhydritic Diagnostic Horizon, & Revision to the Aquisalids —– 15 . Proposal to revise (and correct) the definition for the suffix j – jarosite … Get Doc

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Surface Mineralization On Seymour Island, Antarctica
Microbiologically mediated oxidation of sulphides and followed acid sulphate drainage formed K and Na jarosite, basic amorphous aluminium sulphate, gypsum, aluminium bearing ferrihydrite and ankerite in weathering zone of Paleogene sediments. … Doc Retrieval