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Chert is a fine-grained silica -rich microcrystalline, cryptocrystalline or microfibrous sedimentary rock that may contain small fossils. It varies greatly in color (from white to black), but most often manifests as gray, brown, grayish brown and light green to rusty red; its color is an … Read Article

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Where circulating fluids fill the spaces between sand grains with silica cement. This kind of quartzite, also called orthoquartzite, is considered a sedimentary rock, not a metamorphic rock, … Read Article

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Asphalt, ballast, bauxite, brick, cement, ceramic, clay, concrete, construction, glass, gypsum, kaolin, coke, coal, barite, bentonite, clinker, dolomite, earth, feldspar, fluorspar, fly ash, garnet, graphite, gravel, marble, talc, mica silica sand washing plant india … View Video

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It is found in many minerals, including galena, iron pyrite, sphalerite, stibnite, cinnabar, Epsom salts, gypsum, celestite, and barite. Sulfur also occurs in petroleum crude oil and natural gas. The Frasch process may be used to obtain sulfur commercially. … Read Article

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Gravel, marble, talc, mica, perlite, porcelain, pozzolana, quartz, rubble, salt, silica, slate, soapstone, soda, sizing, bottle, aluminum, antimony, calcium, chrome, copper, diamond, hematite, Lead, lithium, magnesium, magnetite, manganese, molybdenum, gypsum powder chennai … View Video

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All of these mix and match: sea organisms build shells from calcium carbonate and silica, clay minerals take up potassium, the hydrogen is snapped up in lots of different places. After all the electron swapping is done, sodium ion (from rivers) … Read Article