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Gypsum Dune Field

L Desert dune habitats with sandy or gravelly soil. No habitat for this species is Prior surveys and current field reviews have noted the presence of gypsum stockpiles within the … Read Full Source

White Sands National Monument – Visiting The White Sands …
Covering 275 square miles of white gypsum sand in the northern Chihuahuan Desert in a mountain-ringed valley called Tularosa Basin, White Sands National Monument contains the world's largest gypsum dune field. … Read Article

The Navajo Sandstone reservoir was deposited in an extensive dune field that extended from present-day Wyoming to Arizona. The principal regional seal for the Lower Jurassic Navajo producing zones consists of salt, gypsum, mudstone, and shale of the overlying Jurassic Arapien Shale. … Return Document

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The dune field covers 250 square kilometers (100 sq mi), with the highest dune at over 2,000 meters (6,560 ft) above the desert floor. The sand contains 10% magnetite. … Read Article

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The National Park Service introduces the world's largest gypsum dune field. … Read Article

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Roughness controls patterns of sediment transport, vegetation and groundwater in a desert dune field <i>(Invited)</i> Sorting out abrasion in a gypsum dune field <i>(Invited)</i> EP53A-03 … Read Full Source

Man-made And Natural Wonders In New Mexico: Very Large Array …
Road trip, starting with the famous Very Large Array of radio telescopes near Magdalena, NM (Jodie Foster made "Contact" with Extraterrestrials, here), continuing to the equally fascinating White Sands national monument: the world's largest gypsum dune field (275 square miles of white … View Video

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Dunes have a vortex in the lee side of the dune. As the upper flow regime forms, the dunes become flattened out, and then produce antidunes. At higher still velocity, the antidunes are flattened and most sedimentation stops, as erosion takes over as the dominant process. … Read Article

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History Of Mesozoic Lakes Of Northern New Mexico
The extensive dune field of early Entrada time represented an interruption in the lake history, as did other eolian deposits It is also p ossible that a chang e in water chemistry, associated with the deposition of f irst lim estone and then gypsum, accounts for the … Retrieve Document

Chemically bound water (such as that found in gypsum) will be included as free water in nuclear gauge observations, resulting in a higher than actual Field identification should only be considered approximate. Field identification of soil should always be confirmed by laboratory testing before this … Retrieve Document

United States Department of the Interior BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT Pecos District Office Roswell Field to protect habitat for the lesser prairie-chicken ( Tympanuchus pallidicinctus ) and the sand dune Gypsum Wild-Buckwheat … Fetch Here

RMRS-P-23: The Status Of Lepidospartum Burgessii (Burgess …
This shrub is endemic to gypsum soils in north Culberson County, Texas and southern Otero County, New Methods Field work for this project was conducted during eight visits in 1997. Potential habitat was targeted but some areas that had marginal habitat (e.g., very mobile dune … Document Retrieval

Photographic validation Buried drainage Steep escarpments Escarpments and aeolian sediments Gypsum field Rough limestone surface ©WesternGeco Case Study 2 : Sand dunes Algeria Identification of gypsum playas between sand dunes Gypsum Dune Dune Gypsum : … Fetch Doc

Evidence For Indurated Sand dunes In The Martian North Polar …
Recent near-infrared observations by the Mars Express OMEGA instrument suggests that gypsum is present among the silicate grains in at least a portion This is not typical behavior for lee-sidedepositionof sand in a dune field, but isa product of the process of successively inhibiting sand movement, in … Fetch Full Source

Wind V Water: Glacial Maximum Records From The Willandra Lakes
Saline groundwaters may then produce high gypsum dune content, in contrast to earlier lower- reflects the shallow oscillations in A-A’ field of the water level model, Figure 4A. … Get Content Here

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White Sands National Monument, New Mexico. Largest pure gypsum dune field in the world. The dunes move up to 30 feet per year by this wind-blown process. … View Video

Field Trip To The Cottonwood Creek Dinosaur Trail, Alcova …
Field Trip to the Cottonwood Creek Dinosaur Trail, Alcova, Wyoming How to get there: Take Highway 220 A shoreline deposit, part littoral (beach) and part eolian dune. grained sandstone with massive, abundant white gypsum stringers, lowest four feet is bedded gypsum … Get Document

Kanopolis field Guide.2003-52
Gypsum crystals. Weathered shale slopes are littered with crystals of gypsum (selenite) measuring up to Formed by currents of water or wind, crossbedding is found in dune, stream-channel, or delta deposits. ROAD LOG Kanopolis Lake Area Field Trip Route (fig. 3). … Retrieve Doc

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Fertiliser was found to supply most nutrients at levels exceeding or at least similar to those measured in natural systems (i.e. coastal dune It is uncertain from existing data whether this slow dissolution of gypsum under field conditions was of benefit or detriment to plant growth, and whether … Get Document

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Inventory And Characterization Of The Mammalian Fauna Of The …
The gypsum based White Dunes of the Sand Dunes Complex, GMNP, are the more southerly of the two dune fields in the complex (Fig. 2). The gypsum dunes contain both semi Each line was set approximately 50 meters from the edge of the dune field. … Retrieve Content

Major Mines, Oil fields, And Geothermal Plants, 2009.
Adams Gypsum Mine 2. Apex Lime Plant 3. Argenta Barite Mine 4. Basalt Diatomite Mine North Willow Creek Field 4. Railroad Valley (Eagle Springs, Trap Spring, Currant, Sand Dune, Grant Canyon, Bacon Flat, Kate Spring, … Read Here

The Biology, Nymphal Stages, And Life Habits Of The Endemic …
In order to determine the shape of each burrow, we used gypsum plaster (mix of powdered gypsum with water) that was poured into an empty burmanus (Uvarov, 1935), S. minor (Ander, 1938), and S. tuberculatus (Ander, 1938)), S. inexpectatusprefers to live in sand dune habitats (Aydın, 2005). Field … Access Full Source